Craig Clark

Craig Clark

Hello, my name is Craig T Clark and I have been an independent life and health insurance agent duly licensed with the State of Florida since 1996.

I was raised in an environment in which problems were deemed such because they offered solutions. I enjoy problem-solving, from realizing that a problem exists and identifying it, researching and analyzing potential solutions, to assessing what proper solutions may exist and then executing them.

I am the same with the challenges that life offers. From choosing health care coverage to enjoying retirement and all points in between, life is unpredictable and at times seemly insurmountable. However, with proper planning in place and implementation of that plan, many of life’s surprises can be overcome.

As a former Executive Director of Alzheimer’s Support of Marion County, I am acutely aware of just how unprepared many families are when facing life-altering events. It would be an honor and a privilege to assist and offer guidance to you and your family. Pre-planning always paints a better picture than crisis planning, always.

AHIP Long-Term Care Professional (LTCP)

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